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Data Science only

in 2015

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Indatables is a small startup company. We are experts in the field of Data Science, the science that brings Big Data and Business Intelligence together. We aim to extract knowledge and insights from data through (statistical) analysis to ultimately support the decision making process within an organisation, where we believe that you can only control an organization based on undisputed data.

Our Data Scientists are experts in advanced analytics and have extensive experience in exploring and analyzing data and building statistical models. Our Data Science Managers have experience in leading Data Science teams consisting of Data Scientists and Data Engineers.

Our background in both Business Intelligence and Big Data makes us a valuable partner in connecting both worlds, where our focus is Data Science only!

Meet our team

Arjen Rauwerdink
Arjen RauwerdinkPartner | Projectmanager
Erwin van Dongen
Erwin van DongenPartner | Data Scientist
Riccardo Tiebax
Riccardo TiebaxData Scientist
Stan van Lier
Stan van LierData Scientist | Data Engineer
Joeri Murk
Joeri MurkData Scientist