Data Engineer

Our Data Engineers are experts on the technical side of Data Science. They have extensive experience in defining requirements for a Data Science environment, developing data pipelines, analysing and optimising code and productionising models. They act as linking pins between the Data Scientist and IT department. The productionising step also includes setup monitoring for the deployed models, giving advice on update strategy and supporting the IT department on troubleshooting.


Our Data Engineers have an education in artificial intelligence, operations research, computer science or similar. With these backgrounds they are experts in bringing data science to a production environment. From their education they have great knowledge in software engineering, databases, parallel computing and performance optimisation.

Building models to create Insights

Insights are one thing, but Data Science gets really interesting when it also leads to inferential or even predictive models. These models can for example be used to better understand and also predict customer behaviour. Our Data Scientists have a proper understanding of the business and know what types of models can be used for different use cases. They are able to build and test the different models selecting the best model fit for the purpose. Ultimate goal is always to build the best model, where our Data Engineers always make sure that the model can be used in a production environment. Real value is only added when the models built are used on real life data.