Data Science Manager

Our Data Science Managers have experience in leading Data Science teams consisting of Data Scientists and Data Engineers. Leading a Data Science team requires a combination of soft skills, management capabilities and knowledge of data modelling and statistics. This unique combination of skills make them the ideal sparring partner for both the Data Science team as well as the business representatives. With their clear vision on Data Science, they understand how to add value to an organisation with Data Science. This makes that they can help senior management in organisations to get the most out of their data.

Control the Data Science process

With Data Science being fairly new to most organisations, our Data Science Managers can act as evangelists on the subject. They know how important it is to make organisations aware of what can be achieved with Data Science. Clear and frequent communication of the achievements of the Data Science team are essential to show the added value of Data Science for the business.

Our Data Science managers have multiyear experience building and leading teams with Data Science professionals. They have experience in different branches. With their extensive skillset, our Data Science managers can build and lead a Data Science team to be successful in your organisation. For small teams the role of Data Science manager can be filled in by one of our lead Data Scientists.