Data Science

Data Science is the field where Big Data and Business Intelligence are connected. Its aims to extract knowledge and insights from data through (statistical) analysis to ultimately support the decision making process within an organisation.

Data Science and BI

Like in Business Intelligence (BI), Data Science is about analysing and managing data, gaining insights and visually presenting them. This mainly handles with understanding ‘what has happened’ and ‘why it happened’. What Data Science adds to that is predictive analytics and artificial intelligence (machine learning). These techniques aim to predict ‘what is going to happen’.

Big data

Often Data Science is seen as the discipline that is able to make sense of the growing amounts of data available to organisations. The term Big Data always comes to mind when we talk about Data Science. Big Data often refers to ‘new’ data that can be drawn from data sources external to an organisation and new technology like Hadoop. Big Data can be data from social media, click streams, sensors, but also refers to different types of data like audio, video and photo.

Disputed versus undisputed data

A key issue of this (big) data is its nature. Where the data stored in internal data warehouses is nicely structured and undisputed, (big) data in an Analytics environment is by definition disputed. Data Science uses both types of data to perform analyses.