From 14-19 October the International Padel Federation (IPF) is organizing the 12th Junior Padel World Championship. The Championship consists of two parallel competitions. The World National Teams Championship and the World Open Championship. 2000 kids from 16 countries will participate in the event.

The Netherlands is taking part in this world championship for the first time this year. No fewer than 24 Dutch youth players have the scoop, they are the first Dutch youth team and with that the Ducth Padel Association (NPB) writes history. The activities of the NPB are non-profit and are funded by member contributions, sponsorship and donations. Thanks to the IPF membership, the stay and benefits during the tournament will be reimbursed. However, the night before the tournament, the flight, travel insurance, clothing and the like are charged to the players.

Indatables has become the shirtsponsor for the first Dutch youth team to help fulfill the dream of these youth players, as they are the future of padel.

About Padel

Padel is a unique racket sport with its own identity and culture. You play padel on a padel court of 10 × 20 meters, surrounded by walls of glass and fencing. You play padel as a double, 2 against 2. In the middle there is a net and the score corresponds to that of tennis. The Dutch Padel Association is a representative of padel in the Netherlands and a member of the IPF. The sport breathes the Hispanic origin & temperament and padel players are friendly, social, full of passion and proud of padel.

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